Mail Bombs

Letter bombs are usually sent through the mail addressed to a specific individual in the company, usually disguised to look like some sort of gift or a small package. Letter bombs have the power to kill or seriously maim anyone in close proximity. Letter bombs are usually contained within a large size manila envelope ¼” to ½” thick and are fairly rigid. 

However, the technology used in letter bombs has become increasingly sophisticated, and can be difficult to detect visually. Letter bombs have been mailed from cities or small towns in the United States, as well as from foreign countries. Be especially wary of letters that are mailed to titles — Chairman, President, Manager, Security Officer, etc. – rather than directly to named individuals.

If you suspect a parcel contains a letter bomb:

  1. Clear everyone out of the immediate area; establish at least a 25-foot radius around the package.
  2. Notify the police at 911 and Management Office.
  3. Do not handle it under any circumstances.
  4. Do not attempt to deactivate it yourself.